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JB Air Conditioning Pty Ltd

terms & conditions

Payment Requirements
A predetermined deposit is required on all sales jobs. Credit card, direct debit or cheque payment is required as confirmation to secure your order. Equipment will not be ordered until a deposit is received then we can contact you to arrange a suitable installation date.
You must notify us in writing should you wish to cancel your order.
Quotes are valid for 30 days at which time they are subject to review.
Refund Policy
A lot of our suppliers charge a restocking fee and often the sheet metal ducting is purpose made. Once you have placed the order restocking fees or cost incurred in manufacturing items will be deducted from your deposit prior to any refund return.
All air conditioning equipment remains the property of JB Air until fully paid.
Credit Card Charges
All credit card payments will attract a 1.5% surcharge. We only accept MasterCard and Visa – not American Express cards.
Privacy Policy
All personal information collected by JB Air is treated in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed in full or part to anyone other than JB Air Sales and Accounts. Debt Recovery
All ordered air conditioning equipment remains the property of JB Air until fully paid. The balance of an account must be paid within 7 days unless otherwise agreed to by Management of JB Air in writing. We add costs payable for unpaid debt recoveries at our discretion.Any legal costs incurred during debt recovery are added to the amount payable either at the time of if need be after this as a new debt owed.
Most air conditioning manufacturers provide a residential /commercial parts and labour warranty, subject to their terms and conditions, of 5 years unless otherwise specified. This covers you for any defects relating to the air conditioning equipment.In addition to this, JB Air provides a 12 month warranty on installation works, which covers you for any defects relating to the installation only.
NB. Warranty is void if a breakdown is due to a lack of maintenance. This could be cleaning filters, unblocking drains, or similar which can lead to your system faulting. All work is carried out by JB Air on the understanding that a customer has agreed to our Terms and Conditions.
Our business complies with all Australian Standards in regards to Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Services.

Our QBCC Licence is: 1084782
Our NSW licence is: 311590C

Terms and conditions may be subject to change without notification.